Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation services help organizations relocate employees both within the country and outside. These services help both the employers and employees. The company will not just transport the household items of employees, it also offers departure services, which includes assistance for home sales, and financial management services.

Services Offered

Here are a range of services offered by the corporate relocation companies.

  • Cost Management – They help employees and businesses stay on budget and save money for the move. Many offer lump sum management programs, which helps the employee manage the employer-provided relocation budget better.
  • GBO Program – GBO stands for Guaranteed Buyout Program. Here, the relocation company purchases the home of the employee and then lists the property for sale to realize the money. The employee doesn’t have to worry about selling the home himself.
  • BVO Program – Alternatively, the business can help an employee list the home for sale and manage all offers received. The employee does not have to worry about taking the property to the market and can focus completely on relocating. This program is called the Buyer Value Option or the BVO.
  • Immigration Services – Every country has its own regulation regarding work permits and visas. A good corporate relocation service will know all these regulations in detail. They work with an immigration law firm in the country of the employee to get all the right documents.
  • Orientation Programs – A local consultant meets the employee on arrival at the airport and provides an overview of the new country, its cultures, customs, and also gives housing and school information. Language training services are also offered so that the person can settle down easily in the new place.

Some employees won’t be a part of the GBO or BVO programs. The corporate relocation service can help them with listings, home marketing, and closing assistance. They can also help in disconnecting the local utilities and transferring or setting them up in the new place.

These services are offered to everyone – employees of private businesses, government workers, and also those on military duty. Those offering military relocation services should have Schedule 48 service authorizations, meaning, they can help the government in ground transportation and domestic delivery services.

The corporate relocation services are of three types. They are – 

  1. Full-Service Domestic Relocation – They can manage the complete range of moving requirements for the employees and their families throughout the US. They deal with counselling, policy implementation, transporting household items, to home purchase help at the new place.
  1. Full-Service International Relocation – The same range of full services are offered, but internationally. They can manage global moves in many countries through their offices in many parts of the world. Language and culture training is also offered. Many of these companies also offer domestic service.
  1. Commercial Relocation – They mostly focus on commercial moves, especially for moving into a new office in the same area. they specialize in mobility management to reduce downtime and minimize the loss of productivity.
Corporate Relocation

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