Moving Planning and Preparing

You might have moved your home or business before, but it is likely that you have faced a problem each time. That’s because every move is different. There are always unique issues and problems, which makes relocation a hassle for most people. Planning the move, packing, unpacking, and making sure that everything is safe… moving is not an easy job.

This guide should help you plan and prepare for the move better. Planning and proper preparation are always important for a happy and hassle-free moving experience.

Stay Organized

Good organization is always the key for a smooth and flawless move. So take a step back and give adequate time for good planning. Create a to-do list of everything you have to do, including getting the packing supplies, the actual packing, finding a professional moving company, and deciding on the date and time of your move. Second, create a list of everything you must pack. Keep them in groups if you can. This will help you determine how many boxes will you need.

Do you need the services of a cleaning team for cleaning the home once it has become empty? Do you need cleaning services at the new place before arrival? Are you moving with pets and/or young children? These situations will all require your attention.

Also, it is a good idea to organize the utility providers like the phone and internet companies, the water supplier, and the electricity provider. You will need these services immediately on arrival, so you have to make the arrangements before you move. There cannot be any delay.

Sell Everything You Don’t Need

Think of when you arrive at the new house. Unpacking and arranging everything is a lot of work. Unpacking stuff, you don’t need can be very annoying. Why take all the trouble and also spend on moving things you don’t need anymore?

So go through your cabinets, drawers, basement, attic, and the garage carefully. Find everything you don’t require anymore. Sell them off or donate these things. You can organize a yard or garage sale. List them on Craig’s or on eBay. You will then have fewer things to move, which will not just save you money, but also save you time and efforts on arrival when it comes to unpacking.

Find a Moving Company

They are all different. Some of them are only local movers, while the others are good at both local and long-distance moving. Not all of them are fully licensed and insured. Also, the company must offer you different time and day options of the week. Moving in the evening vs. moving during the day. Weekday or weekend moving.

So find different moving companies in your area. Interview them. Learn about their policies and fees. Find out whether they can help you pack and unpack. This will always help you a great deal. Ask for recommendations. Find out whether the move will be completely insured and whether they also offer storage facilities. See whether they have the experience and the right tools for the job.

Ask as many questions as you can come up with. Get everything in writing and only then select your moving company.


Packing is boring but very important. Many movers and packers can help you here. But this comes at a cost. So it is best that you do some packing at least yourself. Find boxes you can use. Start the packing early. This will save you a lot of hassles. Allow the movers to pack only your most valuable items like artwork, the piano if you have one, the silverware, china, the glass chandelier, and such items. They are trained to pack and transport the most fragile and valuable things.

Properly mark all the boxes. Also, list the room name on the boxes. You can also put a number on the boxes. For example, box numbers 1 to 5 for the living room. Create a list for the numbers. This way, you will find unpacking very easy.

Packing Supplies

What things will you need for packing? To start, you will need a lot of packing tapes. Make sure that you get good tapes that won’t shred or tear. You will also need scissors, newspaper or packing paper, bubble wrap, black markers, and many boxes.

You can find free boxes at your local liquor or grocery shop. Many of them just toss away the boxes, so they may be happy to give them to you free. Reusing these boxes is also good for the environment. Otherwise, you can get them for a low price. You may also contact a neighbor or friend who has moved recently. It is likely that they have these boxes stored away and will be happy to free up space at home.

The Unpacking Plan

You also need a plan for unpacking. The list that you created earlier will help you now. Start unpacking for the rooms you will be using first – the bedrooms. Set up the beds so that you can sleep peacefully. All of you will be tired after the move. Next, focus on the bathrooms. Have the toiletries and towels placed. The kitchen comes next. Unpack the pots, pans, coffee makers, tea kettles, cups, glasses, and the plates.

Many moving services will also help you unpack and settle down. And there are some companies that even offer storage facilities. In this service, you don’t move with all your items. You can store away many non-essential things and move them when you are ready for them. You decide the schedule when you are prepared.

Moving Planning and Preparing

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