State to State Moving

Moving to a new state is always more complicated than a local move. It is costlier and also needs more planning. There are many critical decisions to make. Decide whether you want to hire state-to-state movers or a long-distance moving truck rental service. Consider which one of your belongings should make the long journey. You must also decide where your things will arrive when the trip ends.

Here is a checklist of state to state moving that will help you.

Plan Ahead

Moving from one state to another needs more planning. That’s because, it’s a longer journey, and also, there are more complications when you cross a state border. Find movers and packers that have the required knowledge and experience of interstate moving. Ask questions and compare the quotes. More than the pricing, find out whether they can move to another state without any hassles. Make sure that the move is adequately insured. This will give you peace of mind.

Every state has its own regulations about items that can be brought in from other states. All rules and regulations have to be followed even if your things are moving in trucks. So the moving company you hire should know the specific regulations of the state you are moving to. The company must also have proper licensing and permits.

Finalize Housing Before Moving

This sounds obvious, but you will be surprised to know that many people still have housing issues even when they are planning the move. If you are renting, make sure that the rent agreement is signed. If you are buying a new property, ensure that it is ready for you to move into.

Tax Preparation

It is always more than just a change of address of zip codes. Remember, the taxes will also change. In some states, such as Arizona and Washington, there is no state income tax. But you are still required to pay the federal tax. Also, when you move to another state in the middle of the year, you are required to pay the taxes in both the places.


Interstate moves are costlier so it makes sense to get rid of everything you may not need in your new home. Make a list of things that you haven’t used in a while. You probably don’t need them. Donate them to a charity or arrange a garage sale. You can finance a part of the move with this money and you will also save because you will move fewer items.

Start packing early. Pack out of season items first. Keep packing as per your “least used” status. Get free boxes from local grocery and liquor stores. Make sure you have the necessary packing supplies like scissors, newspaper or packing paper, bubble wrap, and black markers. Mark all the boxes. Of course, you can also ask your moving company to help you with the packing.

State to state moving requires more caution. You will need bubble wraps, good boxes, and a lot of packing tapes. Egg cartons can store small baubles. You can also use curtains, blankets, and dish towels. It is best to use professional help for careful packing. Good interstate movers how to pack well to keep your valuables safe.

The Essentials Box

A key rule for moving. Always keep an essential box or file where you will keep important paperwork like the social security cards, passports, birth certificates, military documents, tax information, and such others. Keep this with you always.

Valuable Things

Prescription drugs, your laptop, grandma’s wedding ring… make sure that you don’t transport them on the truck. Wrap such valuable items and move them with you. Remember, boxes can get lost or damaged. Sometimes there are delays in long-distance travel. So make sure to keep the prescription drugs with you.

Visit The New State Before You Move

Spend a week at least in your new state before the move. More so if you haven’t been there before. This will give you a feel of the place. Wander around in the city and your new neighborhood. Speak to a few neighbors. Take your kids to their new school. Visit a shopping mall and park. This should make everyone in the family excited.

Interstate Moving Costs

Here is an average estimate of moving a 2-bedroom house.

State to State MoveProfessionalRental Truck
California to New York$3,893 to $5,670$2,308 to $2,915
Texas to Florida$2,200 to $3,550$1,107 to $1,494
Georgia to Kansas$1,920 to $3,450$1,107 to $1,494
California to Oklahoma$2,200 to $3,550$1,142 to $1,542
California to Texas$2,200 to $3,550$1,142 to $1,542
Texas to New York$2,434 to $4,400$1,200 to $1,516
Virginia to Colorado$2,200 to $3,550$1,200 to $1,516
State to State Moving

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