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Andrew did a fantastic job with our move. Went above and beyond in helping us assemble our furniture and helping place everything in the desired rooms. He even made sure to say hello to our dog. Will be letting our friends of the great service and recommending!!!
Chris is awesome! Took great care to protect my new purchase during transportation, stuck to the original quote, and made quick work of the job. Highly recommended!
I was in the market for a mover but had a really bad experience previously. A friend recommended Route 66 moving and I am so happy that they did. This was literally the opposite of what I was expecting: fast, easy, and completely hassle-free. I am super impressed by how they run things at this company. I’ll definitely be telling anyone and everyone about their services!
Chris is awesome! Took great care to protect my new purchase during transportation, stuck to the original quote, and made quick work of the job. Highly recommended!

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Moving Companies Ratings and Reviews

Many in the United States are looking for the best moving companies because most people realize the value of professional service. A fully licensed and insured moving company is better at logistics management. The best movers can pack, load, transport, and unload safely and on time. The service can also be cheaper than self-moving. They offer both local and interstate moves. The best movers in San Francisco, San Diego, and elsewhere in California also offer storage facilities.

Here, we analyze some of the best interstate moving companies and local movers and packers and publish movers rating and reviews so you can identify the most reputed businesses easily.

Americans move a lot. Statistics reveal that Americans move 11.7 times on an average in their lifetime. They move for various reasons – a job change, upsizing to a new home, or just to live in a new neighborhood. It has also been noticed that younger people move more frequently. According to the Annual Social and Economic Supplement of the Current Population Survey for 2013, most moves are related to housing (48%), followed by family issues (30.3%), and job relocations (19.4%).

The US Census Bureau data reveals that 7.4 million Americans moved in 2019. It is common in the state of California as well. 501,000 people moved into the state in 2019, but many of them were foreign nationals. On the other hand, 691,000 local residents relocated to other states, with most of them going to Texas, Arizona, Washington state, Nevada, and Oregon. Most recently, Elon Musk too decided to move out from the Golden State to Texas.

What is a Moving Service?

A moving service is a business that helps homeowners and commercial establishments relocate to a new place. Many companies will offer only local moves within the same city. But others offer long distance moves as well to another state or even another country. Some of them are all-inclusive or full-service businesses, which means that will do the packing, loading, transit, unloading, and even storing.

The best moving companies in California will be:

  • Full-service movers
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Will have vehicles of all sizes
  • Will carry out background check for all employees
  • Offer both local and long distance moves
  • Will offer storage facilities

Why You Should Read Movers Ratings, Reviews

What are the best moving companies near me? Trying to find the best movers in San Francisco, best movers in San Diego and elsewhere in California is not easy. There are many local and long distance moving services out there. The only way to find the best movers near me is by reading up movers rating and reviews. Read genuine reviews by businesses and homeowners who have hired moving services and worked with them. By reading these reviews you can learn about their experience. This will help you pick the best moving companies.

We have a list of the best movers in CA. Look at the moving rating for the best moving companies in California we have published to decide. These ratings have been calculated based on the experience and reviews of customers. You will be able to find the best long distance moving companies and also those what offer local moves.

Moving Services

Moving Services

House moving refers to relocating every item of an apartment, condo, cabin, single-family detached home, townhome, bungalow, a ranch property or a chalet to the new location. Full-service businesses can move everything – furniture, your automobile, and even critical items like piano, glassware, chandeliers, and electronics goods. They can also pack, load into vehicles, transport, unload, even store in a warehouse and clean up. the packing is carried out with blankets, boxes, furniture pads, mattresses, protective foams, and other materials.

Apartment Moving

Good movers can move apartments of all sizes – 1-bedroom studios, up to 3-bedroom apartments, and bigger properties. The manpower resources and vehicle deployed for the job will depend on the size of the move. Outstanding moving services will always do background checking before hiring and then training their movers. They will also have vehicles of all sizes. Also, they won’t ever move your things with the items of other customers. This may save you some money, but it ensures better safety. Plus, you don’t have to wait till the time the business has enough items to move to your location.

Office Moving

Office moving is always a critical job. High-end servers, computers, printers, furniture, files, plotters, books, and electronic systems must be moved safely. Time is also critical because an extended downtime will mean business losses. Seamless relocation of all your office assets will ensure business continuity. Always work with the best moving company for office relocation.

Local Movers

Local moving involves relocating within the same community, area, or state. The best moving companies in California that only offer local services can help you relocate within the Bay Area efficiently. This includes the cities of San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Palo Alto, Mountain View, and also the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma.

Long Distance Movers

If you have to move interstate, then look for the best long distance moving companies. A long distance move is always more complicated than a local move. The transit time will be longer, which means there is a higher chance of damage if your items are not packed and kept carefully in the vehicle. Each state also has different laws.

Storage Facility

The best movers in California also offer warehousing facilities where you can store some of the items temporarily. You can store your items for as long as you want. Many homeowners and offices don’t like to relocate with the entire stuff. They like to get organized first and then move the remaining items. For example, if you are relocating in the summer, then you can store all winter garments in the warehouse till the time you need them.

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